I first entered the mental health field in 2010, working in local group homes and then as a case worker. I attended LeTourneau University, where I obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I received my counseling license in 2020, and although I have many professional interests, I have focused most of my continuing education on trauma work. I completed the requirements for a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional in 2023 and I will continue to expand my knowledge on trauma.

My passion for this work comes from my beliefs that trauma is not forever and that everyone has the opportunity to grow. I believe therapy is not a one-size-fits-all journey, so my approach is proactive and flexible to fit each client’s needs. It is also collaborative, and I encourage my clients to be direct and open with me when they feel comfortable to do so. I value the therapeutic relationship and view our work together as a team effort.

I am a father of two girls and have an awesome, supportive wife. I enjoy taking time off work for family to go on trips or just to spend time with my girls. For my free time I enjoy building model cars and reading psychology-based material.